Manchester Wholesale Products

Blake’s ice cream has been producing premium ice cream in New Hampshire since 1963. Blake’s 14% butter fat premium ice cream is made in small batches using an abundance of the purest, highest quality ingredients available. The Blake’s ice cream brand has been known for generations.

Many of the original formulas are still used for the classic flavors such as vanilla, butter pecan, and peanut butter fudge. With the variety of new variegates and ingredient choices, many new unique flavors have been added to the now 80+ line, including Summertime Blues, Graham Central Station, and Peanut Butter 180.

Our ice cream is produced in three-gallon and half-gallon containers. We offer a full line of fountain supplies and toppings, cones and paper supplies.

Service and quality differentiate Blake’s as a supplier of choice. Ice cream shops and restaurants rely on the consultative and attentive assistance of Blake’s staff for their ice cream and related equipment needs, as well as promotional and pricing strategies. Blake’s staff has over 150 years of combined experience in the ice cream industry. Blake’s is a convenient one-stop shop for all ice cream product and service needs.

Blake’s prides itself on its high level of customer service to its customers. Its employees are very knowledgeable of the manufacture and selling of ice cream. Examples of how Blake’s assists its customers include:

  • Store layout and design
  • Developing a list of equipment and supplies needed
  • Advising in the procurement of freezer equipment
  • Preparing the initial order with proper quantities of flavors and supplies
  • Training new staff on how to best scoop ice cream, fill and dip cones and the making of ice cream specialties, and
  • Determining correct sizing and pricing based upon competitors and locations

Blake’s ice cream also supplies extensive signage in the form of cones, menu boards, flavor strips, flavor graphics, nutritional and allergen information.

Why Choose Us

  • Locally owned and operated since 1900
  • Extensive 80+ flavor line of premium ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet
  • Fan favorite flavors such as Pure Maple Walnut, Lemon Meringue Pie, Boston Blackout, and Graham Central Station
  • Deliver complete line of ice cream, toppings, supplies and dairy products – one order, one truck, one delivery!
  • Unmatched live and personal customer service
  • Hungry? Quality homemade meals and ice cream at our two Manchester restaurants.